Healing through movement. Moving through healing.


Getting moving is how we begin a process of change. 

Movement can be visible and dramatic. But movement doesn’t have to show on the outside of your body. It’s not necessarily a visible dance or shape. It can be a deeply internal shift of thought and feeling.

When we get stuck, we all need help to get things moving, to feel the direction we need to move into, or to let go of something that we’ve been holding onto. 

A witness can offer insight through deep listening. A Somatic Movement Therapist offers practices and hands-on facilitation to help you shift longstanding patterns of posture, movement, mind and feeling.

We don’t have to stay stuck.


In fact, the principles of movement patterning underlie how we organize ourselves in the world.

When we learn how to grasp these principles, we bring forward change – in our lives, in our relationships, in our careers, in our bodies.

With exploration, we can discover the reasons we hold ourselves in a particular posture, or fear intimacy, or struggle with self-hatred. We find these reasons in the deeper patterns that underlie our conscious mind. 

Somatic practices combine notions of movement “patterning” and re-patterning with mindful exploration of embodiment.

This exploration can be in the form of an energy practice, physical movement, breathing practice, visualization, mindfulness exercies, body-work, verbal dialogue or creative process.

I teach peer-counselling, creative process, Qigong, somatics workshops and classes. Contact me to learn more. Subscribe to my newsletter, below.


A Somatic practice includes the wholeness of your lived experience, including the integration of body, mind, energy and emotions. Somatic practices are rooted in self-referenced knowing and foster respect for your own sense of meaning and story. A somatic approach teaches you how to practice self-care, and gain direct access to cultivating more wellbeing. Learn more about somatics with our newsletter, workshops and trainings.


What I Do

Getting unstuck is the beginning of movement, and with movement comes healing. I offer private sessions in-person or by phone. Services include counselling, body-work, movement therapy and classes and workshops.


About Me

Hello, I’m Naomi Sparrow. I am a Somatic Movement Therapist, Qigong Teacher, artist and healer. I’m a Practitioner of Body-Mind Centering and an Infant Movement Developmental Educator, certified through the School for Body-Mind Centering. For over 20 years, I’ve been helping clients heal and live more grounded and expressive lives.