What clients and peers say…

“Naomi has helped me speak with the language of my body, its systems and its limitless interconnections. I understand my body far more intimately than I ever have before. That understanding influences almost everything I do.”

– Kenneth Emig, Emig Research

“I have done some amazing work with Naomi. She is the best healer I have ever worked with!”

– NM

“Working form a place of curiosity and embodied listening, Naomi has been able to invite people to “see” themselves through engaged and modulated sensing. Moving within a physically and psychologically safe container, they can gradually practise becoming attuned  to the very resonances that make up their own inner landscapes. Experiencing a depth of permission “to be” themselves in layered and interactive moments, movers go on to recognize and develop, at a health-generating rhythm, their evolving repertoire of embodied self. It is a practice that flourishes in concert with others and I dearly miss having this in my life. The memory of the flow need only be tickled to reconnect with the honour, the breath and the breadth of the work.”

– Julie, co-founder, Dance Network, Ottawa

“I have worked with Naomi Sparrow in many capacities over the decade I’ve known her – as a teacher, artistic advisor, private BMC practitioner (for me and for my premature daughter) and collaborator on many projects. She brings a wealth of somatic knowledge, an intuitive and responsive capacity and boundless generosity to all of her work. There are very few people I have met in my 20+ years as a dancer and movement practitioner who inspire me and move me as much and as deeply as Naomi.”

– Alexis Kate Andrew

“Naomi is a brilliant teacher and practitioner.  She is skillful, respectful and has the unique perspective of someone who has passionately researched the bodymind, always curious, always learning. Happily, her compassion is as vast as her knowledge – both limitless.”

– Anne Pitman, Anne’s Yoga

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