Private Sessions

What I offer


I offer sessions in private counselling, body-work and movement therapy, as well as practitioner supervision, professional development, mentoring and small group work, including:

  • For BMC and SME/T students, I provide mentoring, privates, semi-privates and supervision sessions to students in BMC SME, Practitioner and Teacher programs, IDME programs, ISMETA SME/T, and all BMC application programs
  • Intensive studies in private, and small group in core BMC material
  • Coaching and supervision for students in training for massage therapy, voice/movement therapy and related programs, and 
  • Creative process, source work, and “outside eye” for movement artists, visual artists, and theater arts

My home studio in Aylmer, Québec, is spacious and sunny. It offers comfortable chairs, lots of open floor space and a massage table.

You have a full range of choices about how you want to work: In the chair, on the table, on the floor.

  • In the chair: Counseling sessions can address emotional struggles, chronic pain, and relationship issues, and transition or life crisis support.  I use a variety of methods, including verbal dialogue, visualization, meridian tapping and Emotional Freedom Technique.
  • On the table: Table sessions are a hands-on form of body-work based in my training in body-systems work and developmental neurology. We can address chronic pain, injury recovery, somatic exploration, energy system imbalances and emotional blocks.
  • On the floor: Somatic movement therapy, authentic movement, and movement repatterning sessions can address chronic pain, holding patterns that cause excessive tension, movement blocks and creative blocks.

Bring your baby:  Infant movement developmental facilitation can address learning, movement and relational challenges for baby in the first year of life. Sessions provide help with handling newborn, nursing, sleep, and guidelines for active developmental play.

What I do as a therapist

Much of what I do is to offer information that is timely for you. I listen with compassion and create a safe space within which you can grow out of patterns that are keeping you stuck. I am a shame buster, a judgment reframer, relentlessly kind and resourceful.

I offer out hope, skills and tools to help you get traction in whatever you are working to resolve. When I work with trauma, I know that healing deep seated pain is possible, because I have done it myself and have helped many others do it.

I share information and educate clients where appropriate, offering supportive practices for movement, emotional release, overcoming limiting beliefs, parenting, pre-natal, post-partum, and early childhood development.

I believe that support is the key to almost all healing. I believe that once the blockages start to move, and you have some new tools to heal, your innate intelligence does the rest. All of the tools and techniques in the healing field do not heal you: your body heals. Your mind heals. It happens spontaneously when you clear the obstacles. Don’t believe me. Try it. Decide for yourself.

What I don’t do

I don’t diagnose, prescribe, fix or give advice. I don’t tell you what’s wrong with you or tell you how to live your life. I don’t judge you or your lifestyle, orientations or choices.

For more information, contact me.